The Piétrain Pork is the only breed that produces a fatless meat.


The Piétrain pork has proved its worth and is worldwide known.
Certus, the quality label for pork meat applies to high quality meat which is produced according to stricter standards than legal obligations.
Frozen items are selected on the basis of fresh meat and are frozen in very good conditions.
In Belgium, piglets are weaned at the age of 3 weeks. The “butcher’s pork” breed is selected for its performance at time of birth.


The Blanc-Bleu Belgian breed – Leader in Belgium.


The strong points of the Belgian Blanc-Bleu are: ➢ Its mega-developped musculature ➢ Its wide uniformity ➢ Its precocity, its big size ➢ Its ability to produce young meat ➢ Its nutritious efficiency to fatten
MERITUS, the quality label for beef meat are based on two fundamental principles : security and quality.
Frozen items are chosen from fresh meat and frozen in very good conditions


“Poultry is for cooking what painting is for artists …”


The word poultry comprises of all birds bred for their flesh or their eggs, or for both at the same time. The best-known is the chicken but we also can find, in this category, the hen, the duck, the goose, etc.


4000 years before our century on the Malabar Coast …                                                                                           



The history of spices begins 4000 years before our century on the Malabar Coast located in the south-western India. The first man who gathered pepper in order to improve the taste of the rice was the initiator of the search of new flavours to give taste to food.
Working closely with specialists of food industrie, we propose a complete range of food additives. These allow the delicatessen makers to improve their products (taste, colour, preserving, structure, etc…). Some products have even been specifically made for Greece. We offer solutions for meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits.